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About Us

Latter Day Light began in 2000 as an emailed newsletter and has since grown to include a facebook page and website. The email list has grown to over 12,000 and is enjoyed by many around the world. In January 2018, this website was added to the LatterDayLight family as a place to archive items from the newsletter and provide additional content for the reader.

Barton Golding is the owner/editor. He receives help from his family with editing and compiling items on this website. Barton Golding began writing online in the mid 1990\’s for the website,, and later as editor for

When Mormontown closed, Barton wrote articles that were posted on Then, in 2000, he decided to move forward with his own site and started With the permission of the owner of, Fred Benson, he began by sending emails to people on the list he had helped build at Mormontown, and that became the basis for the founding of LatterDayLight.

When the bookstore Barton worked for in Nauvoo, Illinois, closed in May 2017, he decided to try to build LatterDayLight to provide an income. When he had congestive heart failure and other health issues in April 2018, he wasn’t sure he was going to be able to continue. Then in September 2018, he had a stroke. He was very appreciative of the many emails he received after being able to send out emails again. He has tried to build up the website content, and has a desire to provide uplifting thoughts and information through the website to his readers.

After his heart issues in April 2018, his family desired him to live where they could keep an eye on him, so he has moved to Orem, Utah, where he continues to work towards a return to good health. keeps him going each day, and he appreciates hearing from his readers. He is motivated each day by them and by his love of the Gospel.