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April 11

1830 – Oliver Cowdery preaches at the first public service of the Church held at the home of Peter Whitmer, Sr., and afterwards baptizes six people.

1839 – The trial in Gallatin, Missouri, continued with additional witnesses including Brother Markham. When Brother Markham finished testifying on behalf of the Prophet Joseph and the Mormons, one of the guard, Mr. Blakely, asked to speak to Brother Markham outside. When they were outside, Mr. Blakely yelled at Brother Markham and threatened to kill him. He attacked, but Brother Markham was able to take the club from him and throw it away. Ten members of the mob then rushed towards Brother Markham, Colonel Peniston, the captain of the guard being one of them, but Brother Markham told them he could kill the whole lot of them at one blow apiece and drove them off. The grand jury heard the whole incident, but ignored it. The “grand jury brought in a bill for ‘murder, treason, burglary, arson, larceny, theft, and stealing,’’ against the prisoners, including the Prophet Joseph Smith. (History of the Church, 3:315) Also, during the night, the Prophet said the “visions of the future were opened to my understanding; when I saw the ways and means and near approach of my escape from imprisonment, and the danger that my beloved Brother Markham was in. I awoke Brother Markham, and told him if he would rise very early and not wait for the judge and lawyers, as he had contemplated doing, but rise briskly, he would get safe home’ (History of the Church, 3:316).

1901 – The Daughters of Utah Pioneers is organized in Salt Lake City, Utah, by Annie Taylor Hyde.

1954 – The first convert baptism in Nicaragua is performed when Jose D. Guzman is baptized.

1976 – The first stake in Vermont is organized in Montpelier.

1992 – The first convert baptism in Andorra is performed when Marlieze Gomez Lima is baptized.

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