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April 15

1829 – About this time, the Prophet Joseph received the revelation known as Doctrine and Covenants 9 on behalf of Oliver Cowdery. After trying and failing to translate, Oliver is admonished to be patient, and is urged to be content to write at the dictation of the translator, rather than to attempt to translate.

1839 – Having procured a change of venue from Davies to Boone County, the Prophet Joseph and those who were being held with him, started for Boone County, Missouri, under strong guard. (History of the Church, 3:319).

1840Orson Hyde leaves Nauvoo, Illinois, for his mission to Jerusalem.

1841 – The Quorum of the Twelve issue an epistle to the members of the Church in the United Kingdom. It contained instructions on doctrine and policy, as well as counsel on immigrating to the United States to join with the Saints in Nauvoo, Illinois.

1842 – The Prophet Joseph worked on a making a list of his property and debtors while in the process of considering bankruptcy because of persecution. The Times and Seasons published an editorial by the Prophet Joseph on baptism for the dead. (History of the Church, 4:595-600)

1844 – The Prophet Joseph purchases the steamboat “Maid of Iowa from Dan Jones for $1231.00 in property in the city of Nauvoo and assuming about $1700.00 of debt.

1846 – While traveling across Iowa with the main pioneer company, William Clayton received word that his wife, Diantha, had given birth to a baby boy in Nauvoo on March 30 and that both mother and son were doing well. He is inspired by the birth of his son to write words to a hymn that would later become known as “Come, Come, Ye Saints.’

1912Irene C. Corbett, a member of the Church, wife and mother, from Payson, Utah, who had been studying in London, England, to be a midwife, is one of the casualties when the Titanic sinks in the Atlantic Ocean after colliding with an iceberg.

1975 – The renovated Mesa Arizona Temple is rededicated by President Spencer W. Kimball.

1993 – Mongolia is dedicated for the preaching of the gospel by Elder Neal A. Maxwell.

1999 – A gunman opened fire inside the Church Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. Three people were killed, including the gunman, four others were wounded.

2013 – At precisely 4:00 p.m. more than 300 Latter-day Saints gathered at the top of Zaisan Hill in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, to hear a recording of the prayer Elder Neal A. Maxwell offered as he dedicated the land 20 years earlier. The event began a week long celebration by members of the Church in Mongolia.

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