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April 16

1834 – The Prophet Joseph Smith helped plow and sow oats for Brother Frederick G. Williams. (History of the Church, 2:50).

1839 – In the evening, a guard told them that “I shall take a good drink of grog, and go to bed, and you may do as you have a mind to. Three others of the guards drank pretty freely . . . [and] also went to bed . . . the other guard went along with us, and helped to saddle the horses’ (History of the Church, 3:321). After suffering several months in Missouri prisons, Joseph Smith, and those imprisoned with him, are allowed to escape from custody and make their way to Illinois to join their families and the Saints who had been forced to leave Missouri during the previous winter. When the guards returned to Gallatin without the prisoners, they were treated harshly by the citizens. They rode Sheriff William Morgan “on a rail’ and ex-sheriff William Bowman “was dragged over the square by the hair of the head’ (History of the Church, 3:321) for allowing them to escape. Being escaped prisoners, the Prophet Joseph and his brethren had to keep off the main roads and travel carefully to get out of the State of Missouri safe and alive.

1840 – During a two-day conference, the Twelve Apostles in England named Parley P. Pratt editor of a new monthly periodical to be named the Latter-day Saints Millennial Star. The first issue was published in Manchester, England, on May 27th and continue to be published until 1970.

1842 – First issue of The Wasp, a Nauvoo community newspaper, is published by the Church. William Smith, the Prophet Joseph’s younger brother, was the editor.

1845 – Without a city government since the city charter had been repealed, a small portion of Nauvoo was incorporated as the City of Nauvoo. Alpheus Cutler, Orson Spencer, Charles C. Rich, Theodore Turley and David Fullmer were appointed trustees. With the incorporation, at least a portion of the city was once again a legal entity.

1873 – Brigham Young, depicted as the “Mormon Moses,’ appears on the cover of the Daily Graphic, a national newspaper.

1918Richard W. Young becomes the first Latter-day Saint to obtain the rank of general in the U.S. Army.

1939 – First storehouse on welfare square is completed in Salt Lake City,

1993 – First convert in Ethiopia is baptized.

2000 – The Medford Oregon Temple was dedicated by President James E. Faust of the First Presidency.

2012 – A small fire broke out at the Conference Center. The fire was limited to a backup power supply cabinet in an electrical control room above the main auditorium. Water overflow to the auditorium floor below was limited to a 50-foot area in front of the podium but did not cause significant damage.

2021 – An effort to bring clean, running water to the Navajo Nation is underway in the Southwestern United States. Latter-day Saint Charities is expanding its support of the nonprofit organization DigDeep to bring water into homes that lack basic indoor plumbing in remote areas of the reservation in New Mexico, Utah and Arizona.

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