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April 17

1834 – The Prophet Joseph attended a meeting where Elder Sidney Rigdon spoke on “the important subjects of the deliverance of Zion and the building of the Lord’s House in Kirtland.’ After Elder Rigdon finished, the Prophet asked those in attendance to donate what they could to the cause and he collected $29.68. (History of the Church, 2:50).

1836 – Mary Duty Smith, the ninety-three-year-old grandmother of the Prophet Joseph Smith, arrives in Kirtland, Ohio as one of the oldest to make the journey of gathering from New York.

1838 – The Prophet Joseph receives Doctrine and Covenants 114 directing Senior Apostle David W. Patten to “settle up all his business as soon as he possibly can,’ and with the other members of the Quorum of the Twelve, to prepare to serve a mission to Great Britain the following year.

1839 – Senior Apostle, Brigham Young, makes the decision that the Twelve Apostles would leave from the temple site at Far West, Missouri, on April 26, as Doctrine and Covenants 118 directed, even though the Saints had been driven from Missouri during the winter. Meanwhile, the Prophet Joseph, and the other prisoners that “escaped,’ continue working their way across Missouri toward Quincy, Illinois. They travel off the main roads and avoid people for safety reasons.

1969 – The Church announces the construction of the new twenty-eight story Church Office Building in Salt Lake City, Utah.

2000 – The Church announces plans to restore or reconstruct six buildings in Kirtland, Ohio, including a new visitors center and other buildings to help tell the story of the Church in the Kirtland area.

2001 – The Ellis Island Immigration Records become available to the public after Church volunteers play a major role in preparing them for research. The 12,000 volunteers from 602 stakes, extracted the records of 24 million immigrants who entered the United States through Ellis Island and placed them into a database that is searchable by name.

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