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April 21

1833 – The Prophet Joseph writes a letter in response to a letter received from the leaders of the Church in Jackson County, Missouri.

1834 – A conference of the Church was held at Norton, Ohio, at the home of Brother Carpenter. The deliverance of Zion, the temple at Kirtland, and the second coming of the Savior was discussed and taught. In his remarks, the Prophet Joseph stated, “Take away the Book of Mormon and the revelations, and where is our religion? We have none’ (History of the Church, 2:52).

1839 – The Prophet Joseph, and those who escaped with him from confinement in Missouri, continued their journey towards Illinois. They were traveling as quickly as possible, both night and day, suffering from fatigue and hunger, to reach their families and the safety of Quincy, Illinois.

1840 – The United States Postmaster officially changes the name of the post office from Commerce to Nauvoo, Illinois.

1841 – Elders Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Orson Pratt, George A. Smith, Wilford Woodruff, John Taylor, and Willard Richard, along with over 120 converts, leave Liverpool, England, on board the ship Rochester to return to the United States, ending the mission of the Twelve Apostles to Great Britain that began from Far West, Missouri, in 1839.

1845 – The first “star stone‘ was placed on the southeast corner of the Nauvoo Temple by William W. Player. “The ‘stars’ will add much to the beauty of the Temple’ (History of the Church, 7:401).

1859Clarissa West Smith Williams, sixth General President of the Relief Society, was born in Salt Lake City, Utah.

1898 – The first single sister missionaries, Lucy Jane Brimhall and Inez Knight, arrive in Liverpool, England, to begin their mission.

1991 – The first stake in Ghana is organized at Accra.

2002 – The Lubbock Texas Temple was dedicated by President Gordon B. Hinckley.

2005 – On a national holiday, over 50,000 Church members participated in a “Hands Helping to Improve Public Schools’ day of service in Brazil. Members cleaned, painted, refurbished, landscaped, and did other types of improvements to 200 schools across the country.

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