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April 24

1832 – The Prophet Joseph Smith and his companions arrive in Independence, Missouri, to organize a United Order among the Saints living there. (History of the Church, 1:266).

1834 – The non-Mormon citizens of Jackson County, Missouri, begin to burn down the abandoned homes of the Saints who had been driven from the county the previous fall. It was hoped it would keep them from returning to claim their property.  Over the next six days they would burn around 150 homes.

1839 – Parley P. Pratt, Morris Phelps, Luman Gibbs, King Follett, Darwin Chase, and Norman Shearer are brought before the grand jury of Ray County, in Richmand, Missouri.  The six had been charged with murder during the “Mormon War’ the previous fall.  Darwin Chase and Norman Shearer are dismissed after being held in prison for six months.  The rest remained imprisoned.  In Quincy, Illinois, the Prophet Joseph met in council for the first time since his arrival from Missouri two days previous.  It was agreed that the Saints begin moving north as soon as possible to Commerce, Illinois, and that the Prophet and others travel as soon as possible to visit the Iowa Territory across the river from Commerce for the purpose of making a location for the Church.  Commerce would soon become the center place of gathering and be renamed Nauvoo.

1842 – The Prophet Joseph Smith gave his Sunday sermon “on the hill near the Temple.’  He preached “concerning the building of the Temple, and reproved the merchants and the rich who would not assist in building it’ (History of the Church, 4:601). 1843 – The Prophet took his children on “a pleasure ride in the carriage’ during the morning and then met with members of the Quorum of the Twelve in the afternoon on Church business, mission calls, and the plans for the Nauvoo House to be built in Nauvoo.

1845 – The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and other leaders of the Church, “realizing fully the insecurity of our position surrounded as we are by mob violence . . . we deemed it wisdom, in General Council, to write . . . to the President of the United States and to the governor of every state in the Union except Missouri’ (History of the Church, 7:401-402).  The letter explained their situation and asked for help and protection until they could settle in another place.

1846 – Traveling through Iowa on their way west and finding themselves 150 miles from Nauvoo, the Saints establish a way station and named it Garden Grove.

1857 – President Brigham Young travels to the Salmon River Indian Mission in Idaho after an Indian attack there killed two missionaries.

1876Karl G. Maeser becomes the first principal of Brigham Young Academy in Provo, Utah.  It would later become Brigham Young University.

1999 – The Bogota Colombia Temple is dedicated by President Gordon B. Hinckley.

2005 – President Hinckley spoke by satellite to thousands of members of the Church in meetinghouses across the southern Philippines.

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