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April 27

1838 – The Prophet Joseph spent the day “writing a history of the Church from the earliest period of its existence, up to this date’ (History of the Church, 3:25).

1842 – The Prophet Joseph records that he had spent the previous three days “in reading, meditation, &c., mostly with my family’ (History of the Church, 4:601).

1844 – The case of Robert D. Foster came up for trial before the Municipal Court of Nauvoo.  He charged Joseph Smith with “many crimes, and said that Daniteism was in Nauvoo; and he used a great variety of vile and false epithets and charges.’  The court adjourned until Monday, April 29th.  The Prophet had a conversation with Robert Foster and they agreed to meet in May and “have a settlement.’  The Prophet asked him to be “quiet’ until then, but Foster refused.  “I then told him I had done my duty; the skirts of my garments were free from his (Foster’s) blood; I had made the last overtures of peace to him; and then delivered him into the hands of God, and shook my garments against him as a testimony thereof’ (History of the Church, 6:345).

1853 – Elders Hosea Stout, Chapman Duncan, and James Lewis arrive in Hong Kong and open China for the preaching of the gospel.

1887 – After spending two weeks in southern Alberta, Canada, Charles Ora Card, and those who traveled with him, select a site for a city to be the gathering place of the Latter-day Saints in western Canada.  The site would later become Cardston.

1915 – The First Presidency of the Church inaugurates the family home evening program.

1955 – The First Presidency sends out a letter stating that Ricks College would become a junior college, ending its short period of being a four-year school.

1971 – Latter-day Saint James C. Fletcher is appointed as the chief administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and served until 1977.   He again held the position from 1986-1989 in the aftermath of the space shuttle Challenger disaster.

1975Elder Thomas S. Monson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, stood on a hillside overlooking the Elbe River near Dresden, East Germany, and blessed and dedicated the land for the advancement of the work of the Lord and the dawning of a new beginning in East Germany.

1990 – Yuri V. Bubinin, the ambassador to the United States from the Soviet Union, makes a historic visit to Utah and announces that Church missionaries would be welcomed in Russia.

1991 – The Church begins computerizing worldwide membership records.

2010 – Presiding Bishop H. David Burton unveiled the first solar-powered Church meetinghouse in North America in Farmington, Utah.

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