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August 1

1831 – The Prophet Joseph Smith receives the revelation known as Doctrine and Covenants 58.  It instructs the Saints in Missouri concerning the principles upon which Zion would be established.

1834 – About this time, the Prophet Joseph arrived back in Kirtland, Ohio, from Missouri, “after a tedious journey from the midst of enemies; mobs, cholera, and excessively hot weather’ (History of the Church, 2:139).  He had left Missouri on July 9 after the release of Zion’s Camp and organizing the leadership of the Saints in Missouri.

1841 – The Prophet Joseph records that all of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, except Willard Richards and Wilford Woodruff, had returned from their missions abroad and had reported on their mission to the “pleasure” of the people of Nauvoo. “They certainly have been the instruments in the hands of God of accomplishing much, and must have the satisfaction of knowing that they have done their duty. Perhaps no men ever undertook such an important mission under such peculiarly distressing and unpropitious circumstances. Most of them when they left this place, nearly two years ago, were worn down with sickness and disease . . . Several of their families were also afflicted and needed their aid and support. But knowing that they had been called by the God of Heaven to preach the Gospel to other nations, they conferred not with flesh and blood, but obedient to the heavenly mandate, without purse or script, they commenced” (History of the Church, 4:390).

1843 – The Prophet Joseph spent the morning sick at home.  In the late afternoon he rode up to the Temple to check on the work there and attend a meeting.  While there, Joseph complained to the land clerk that the tax collector, a Mr. Bagby, had sold one of his city lots for taxes without his knowing it.  Mr. Bagby arrived during the conversation and denied doing so.  Joseph explained that he was always ready to pay his taxes and that Mr. Bagby was being unfair to the citizens of Nauvoo.  Mr. Bagby called Joseph a liar and picked up a stone to throw at him.  This so enraged the Prophet that he approached Mr. Bagby and “struck him two or three times.’    Daniel H. Wells stepped in and stopped the fight.  Joseph asked Esquire Wells to assess a fine for the assault, but Wells refused.  Joseph then rode down to Alderman Whitney’s, stated the circumstances, and he imposed a fine and the Prophet paid it.  Joseph then returned to the meeting up at the Temple where Mr. Bagby continued to issue threats towards Joseph.  Joseph left for home, attempted to work a little, but was soon sick again. (History of the Church, 5:523-524)

1846 – Brigham Young and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles determine that the Saints should winter at the Missouri River and not attempt to cross the plains that year.  Thus the Saints stayed in Winter Quarters, on the west side of the river, and in Council Bluffs on the east side of the river, the surrounding area in Western Iowa, and other Latter-day Saint Settlements across the state of Iowa.

1875 – Over three hundred Shoshone Indians in the Malad River area of Idaho are baptized by George W. Hill.

1953 – The first missionaries to Panama, Carl Guthrie and William Parker, arrived during the month of August.

1965 – The Guatemala-El Salvador Mission is organized.

1970 – The Ecuador Mission is organized.

1971Dallin H. Oaks begins his term as president of Brigham Young University.

1973 – The Thailand Mission is organized.

1980Jeffrey R. Holland begins his term as president of Brigham Young University.

1984 – The Haiti Port-au-Prince Mission is organized.

1989 – The Kingdom of Jordan approves a Latter-day Saint center for culture and education to be established in Amman.

1999 – The Guayaquil Ecuador Temple is dedicated by President Gordon B. Hinckley.

2006 – Eager crowds of dignitaries, friends, missionaries, and members lined the streets as 2,500 people rode around Taiwan in celebration of the 50th year of missionary work in the country. The cyclists carried flags with the logo of the jubilee celebration and passed them in Olympic-torch-like fashion along the route. The five-day event ended with a closing ceremony on August 5th in Taipei. (Church News, August 12, 2006)

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