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August 14

1838 – The Kirtland Camp, who had stopped for several weeks to work on a road project to earn enough money to finish the trek, recorded that “most of the laborers were able to perform the work assigned them, and but few comparatively were sick in the camp, and these generally were growing better’ (History of the Church, 3:127).

1842 – Joseph and Emma enjoyed some time together in conversation and reading his history.  Joseph also wrote a letter to Wilson Law, who had just been elected as major-general of the Nauvoo Legion, on what action to take if Joseph was captured by the Missourians.  Emma was to deliver the letter the next morning.  After a wonderful day with Joseph, Emma, accompanied by Brothers Derby and Clayton, started back to Nauvoo.  They walked to the river and took a skiff on the river to Montrose.  The wind came up and it was a difficult crossing.  While at Montrose the wind abated and they headed across the river to Nauvoo.  The wind returned but Emma arrived safely in Nauvoo.

1843 – In the evening, Joseph attended the funeral of Lydia Walker, who had died at his house the previous day.

1844 – President Brigham Young met in meeting with the Twelve, Temple and Nauvoo House Committees and the stone cutters for the Temple at the Seventies’ Hall.  It was agreed to raise the wages of the “windlass men’ to $1.50 per day.  There was a feeling of renewed dedication to complete the building of the Nauvoo Temple.

1892 – The Star Valley Stake, the first stake in Wyoming is organized.

1935 – The Argentine Mission is organized.

1938 – The first Deseret Industries store opens in Salt Lake City, Utah.

1952 – The first baptisms took place in Niue. Twenty-six people were baptized.

1960 – The Toronto Ontario Stake, the first stake in Ontario, Canada, is organized.

1982 – Eleven restored buildings and projects in Nauvoo, Illinois, constructed over the previous six years, are dedicated by President Gordon B. Hinckley of the First Presidency in a ceremony held on the historic Temple site.

1998 – The first PEARL awards show, sponsored by Faith Centered Music Association and the LDS Booksellers Association, is held at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The awards honor excellence in faith-centered music.

2017Elder D. Todd Christofferson was awarded the 2017 Philosopher Saint Shri Dnyaneshwara World Peace Prize in a ceremony at the World Peace Center in Pune, India.  The World Peace Prize Committee chose to honor Elder Christofferson for his “noble mission of spreading the message of peace and harmony throughout the world.”

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