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August 2

1831 – The Prophet Joseph Smith and eleven other men lay the first log for the first house constructed by the Colesville Saints in Kaw Township, Jackson County, Missouri, twelve miles west of Independence.  The log was carried and placed by twelve men, in honor of the twelve tribes of Israel.  Also, Sidney Rigdon consecrated and dedicated the “land of Zion’ for the gathering of the Saints.

1833 – The Prophet Joseph Smith receives the revelations known as Doctrine and Covenants 94 and 97.  Section 94 reiterates the commandment to build the Kirtland Temple and other important buildings in Kirtland, Ohio.  Section 97 warns the Saints in Missouri of the impending judgments of the Lord if they do not live a Zion lifestyle.

1854 – President Brigham Young advises the British Mission presidency to stop sending immigrants through New Orleans, as many had become sick at that port.  Immigrants after this time enter the United States through ports in New York and Boston.

1985 – The Church releases the first new Church Hymnbook published in thirty-seven years and included 341 hymns.

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