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August 27

1778Mary Musselman Whitmer, the wife of Peter Whitmer Sr., mother of five Book of Mormon witnesses, and the only woman to be shown the gold plates by the Angel Moroni from which the Book of Mormon was translated, is born in Strausburg, Pennsylvania.

1793Edward Partridge, the first bishop of the Church, is born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

1802 – John Whitmer, on of the Eight Witnesses of the Book of Mormon, is born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

1831 – The Prophet Joseph, and those traveling with him, arrive back in Kirtland, Ohio, after their journey to Missouri.

1838 – The Kirtland Camp began preparations to resume their journey to Missouri after finishing their turnpike contract.  A blacksmith was kept busy by shoeing horses and repairing wagons as the Saints readied themselves for the remainder of the trek.

1841 – Robert B. Thompson, associate editor of the Times and Seasons, colonel in the Nauvoo Legion, clerk and close friend of the Prophet Joseph Smith, died at the age of 29.

1842 – The Prophet Joseph recorded his “Happiness is the object and design of our existence’ essay. He may of had the newly revealed law of celestial marriage in mind as he wrote it.

1843 – The Prophet Joseph attended a meeting at the stand and spoke for approximately three hours on the Priesthood—of which we have about three pages as recorded by Elder Willard Richards. (History of the Church, 5:553-556)

1895 – A star representing Utah is added to the United States flag, bringing the total number of stars on the flag to forty-five.

1961 – The first stake in North Carolina is organized at Kinston.

1971 – The first area conference of the Church is held in Manchester, England.  It is presided over by President Joseph Fielding Smith. The text of President Smith’s talk is available here.

2009 – Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, dedicates Rwanda for the preaching of the Gospel.

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