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August 29

1831 – The Prophet Joseph records that “towards the latter end of August’ he traveled to Colesville, New York with his brother Hyrum and John and David Whitmer to visit with the Saints living there.  Knowing there were bitter enemies in that area, they prayed that they would be able to meet with the Saints and that “he would blind the eyes of our enemies, so that they would not know us, and that we might on this occasion return unmolested.’  As they were nearing the home of Brother Knight they encountered a large group of men working on the road, some of whom were bitter enemies.  “They looked earnest at us, but not knowing us, we passed on without interruption’ (History of the Church, 1:108-109).  They were able to hold their meeting with the Saints and return home the next day without any difficulties.

John Murdock

1832 – Joseph Smith received Doctrine and Covenants 99 at Hiram, Ohio.  Section 99 is a revelation calling John Murdock to proclaim the gospel as a missionary.

1838 – After stopping their journey to work for a month, the Kirtland Camp begins again the journey to Far West, Missouri, to join with the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Saints living there.

1839 – Elders Parley P. Pratt, Orson Pratt, and Hiram Clark, leave Nauvoo to embark on a mission of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles to England.

1842 – The Prophet Joseph Smith comes out of hiding and speaks to the Saints in the grove in Nauvoo, Illinois.  He had gone into hiding on August 8 after being falsely accused of having a role in the attempted assassination of ex-Governor Lilburn W. Boggs.  His discourse consisted of claiming victory once again over his enemies and a call for the work to move forward.

1852 – The doctrine of plural marriage was publicly taught for the first time by Elder Orson Pratt under the direction of President Brigham Young. It had been practiced quietly since the Prophet Joseph Smith had introduced plural marriage in Nauvoo, Illinois.

1877 – President Brigham Young dies in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the age of seventy-six.

1886 – Johan George Grau is baptized in Haifa, the first convert to the Church in Palestine.

2010 – The Kyiv Ukraine Temple was dedicated by President Thomas S. Monson.  It was the first temple built in a former Soviet Union country, the 11th temple in Europe, and the 134th temple in operation worldwide. It had been only 20 years since missionaries entered Ukraine.  Also, Bishop Clay Sannar, of the Visalia 2nd Ward, died after being shot in his office by a mentally ill man at a chapel in Visalia, California.  He had been a Bishop for only four months and was the father of six children.

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