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Post(s) written by Paul Wilson

A Little Book of Ministering

Written by Paul Wilson

By Paul Wilson I recently began reading the book, "A Little Book of Ministering" by Kelly Merrill. Kelly is actually a long time friend who I worked with closely in...

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf on Seer Stones

Written by Paul Wilson

Last week Elder Uchtdorf posted on his Facebook page the below quote and picture. I shared it on my page and was surprised to receive a lot of interest around...

Missionary Picture Goes Mildly Viral on Twitter

Written by Paul Wilson

I received a message from Elder Ward, one of the missionaries in my Ward yesterday morning asking me to checkout Twitter. Apparently, he had received a message from a friend...

Toa Leiataua

Modern Day LDS Heroes: Toa Leiataua

Written by Paul Wilson

To attend school in Samoa, each family must purchase the mandatory school uniform, which cost about $2.75 USD. The Leiataua family had 12 children and could only afford to send...

The Wise Words of Gordon B. Hinckley

Written by Paul Wilson

For the last several months I have spent reading the conference talks given by President Gordon B. Hinckley. He was the prophet of my mission and for most of my...