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Forgotten Talks

There are many beautiful talks lost to the annuals of time. However, there are many talks that are not lost but forgotten. Usually forgotten talks are locked away in talks and books that haven’t been digitized or are behind a paywall. At Latter Day Light, make the effort to secure these pearls of great price and share them under the public domain or Creative Commons license.

Joseph Smith: Love is Our Legacy

Written by Paul Wilson

Summary Prophet Joseph Smith's message emphasizes the importance of love, friendship, and mutual support. He discusses how true friendship involves sacrifice and understanding, and highlights the challenges faced by leaders...

Wilford Woodruff: The Sacred Duty of Temple Work

Written by Paul Wilson

Summary Wilford Woodruff expresses gratitude that his son, Abraham Owen Woodruff, was ordained an apostle at the conference. He shares about his own tough journey as an Apostle and stresses...

A man walking on water with high walls of water surrounding him.

Joseph F. Smith: Faith in Action

Written by Paul Wilson

Summary Joseph F. Smith shares the importance of putting church responsibilities first and living a good, religious life. He testifies of Jesus Christ and the prophet Joseph Smith's teachings and...

A college student praying

Harold B. Lee: Embracing Faith in Learning

Written by Paul Wilson

Summary President Harold B. Lee visited BYU and talked to a large group of students. He emphasized the importance of seeing God's influence in Church leaders and balancing faith with...

Big brother helping his sister

Ezra Taft Benson: Not Commanded in All Things

Written by Paul Wilson

Summary Ezra Taft Benson encourages members to take action on their own in doing good things, instead of waiting for specific instructions. He highlights the importance of fighting for freedom and...

Brigham Young: Truth is obeyed when it is loved

Written by Paul Wilson

Summary Brigham Young teaches that obeying God's commandments is essential. That the Saints must follow all God's laws strictly and fully. Doing so brings blessings and closeness to God. But...