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Forgotten Talks

There are many beautiful talks lost to the annuals of time. However, there are many talks that are not lost but forgotten. Usually forgotten talks are locked away in talks and books that haven’t been digitized or are behind a paywall. At Latter Day Light, make the effort to secure these pearls of great price and share them under the public domain or Creative Commons license.

Brigham Young: Truth is obeyed when it is loved

Written by Paul Wilson

Summary Brigham Young teaches that obeying God's commandments is essential. That the Saints must follow all God's laws strictly and fully. Doing so brings blessings and closeness to God. But...

Brigham Young: Standing Against Sin for Salvation

Written by Paul Wilson

Summary Brigham Young emphasizes the importance of learning spiritual truths to improve our lives now and ensure our eternal well-being. He stresses that life is an ongoing battle against sin...

Legitimacy and Illegitimacy by John Taylor

Written by Paul Wilson

Sermon Highlights Here are the key points from President (an Elder at the time) John Taylor's sermon on legitimacy and illegitimacy authority: Legitimate authority and rule comes from God. Earthly...