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Gospel Doctrine

A Testimony of Jesus Christ

Written by Paul Wilson

Over the years, my testimony has grown in many ways, but during the last few years, I have worked diligently to have the core of my testimony be focused solely...

LDS Church Leaders On Saving the Constitution

Written by Paul Wilson

No matter what your political affiliation be, it is evident that we are coming into troubled waters. Conniving men and women are polluting the delicate infrastructure of freedom, and are...

The Meaning Behind the Name of the LDS Church

Written by Paul Wilson

Every other weekday I attend Seminary as the Priesthood visitor for our tiny class (there are only two students representing all four years of our high school). It has been...

The Symbolism of Numbers Found in the Scriptures

Written by Paul Wilson

Here is what I have written in my scriptures from my seminary days: Number Scriptural Symbolism 1 God, Genesis, beginning 2 Christ, opposition, deliverance 3 Holy Ghost, Godhead, solid, divine...

The Parables of Christ

Written by Paul Wilson

In my institute class we are going through the different parables of Christ found in the New Testament. Below is what we have documented, but there are disagreements among bible...

My Talk on Missionary Work

Written by Paul Wilson

So, tomorrow I have to give a talk on missionary work, and I hope you will endulge me as I share it with you. My Bishop particularly wanted me to...