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Brigham Young: Overcoming the Darkness Within

Written by Paul Wilson

Summary President Brigham Young praises the Saint's honesty but acknowledges their weaknesses. He marvels at God's mercy and believes people are naturally inclined to do good but must fight negative...

Joseph Smith: Love is Our Legacy

Written by Paul Wilson

Summary Prophet Joseph Smith's message emphasizes the importance of love, friendship, and mutual support. He discusses how true friendship involves sacrifice and understanding, and highlights the challenges faced by leaders...

Wilford Woodruff: The Sacred Duty of Temple Work

Written by Paul Wilson

Summary Wilford Woodruff expresses gratitude that his son, Abraham Owen Woodruff, was ordained an apostle at the conference. He shares about his own tough journey as an Apostle and stresses...

A man walking on water with high walls of water surrounding him.

Joseph F. Smith: Faith in Action

Written by Paul Wilson

Summary Joseph F. Smith shares the importance of putting church responsibilities first and living a good, religious life. He testifies of Jesus Christ and the prophet Joseph Smith's teachings and...

Digital art by Chad Winks of the Prophet Joseph Smith based on his death mask.

Joseph Smith: Why Did He Do It?

Written by Louis Dubois

Joseph Smith Jr. was born to Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith on December 23rd, 1805, in Sharon, Vermont. He was the fifth of eleven kids, Alvin, Hyrum, Sophronia,...

A college student praying

Harold B. Lee: Embracing Faith in Learning

Written by Paul Wilson

Summary President Harold B. Lee visited BYU and talked to a large group of students. He emphasized the importance of seeing God's influence in Church leaders and balancing faith with...