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People of Church History

Digital art by Chad Winks of the Prophet Joseph Smith based on his death mask.

Joseph Smith: Why Did He Do It?

Written by Louis Dubois

Joseph Smith Jr. was born to Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith on December 23rd, 1805, in Sharon, Vermont. He was the fifth of eleven kids, Alvin, Hyrum, Sophronia,...

Willard Richards

Written by Barton Golding

Q: Willard Richards is mentioned in D&C 118:6; 124:129; and 135:2. What was the Prophet Joseph’s prophecy pertaining to Willard Richards that was literally fulfilled at Carthage? Were Brigham Young...

Shadrach Roundy

Written by Barton Golding

Question: Shadrach Roundy is mentioned in D&C 124:141. Why did the Propeht Joseph invoke the blessings of the Lord upon Shadrach? How many times did Shadrach cross the plains to...