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December 12

1830 – The Prophet Joseph Smith received, by revelation, some of the writings of Enoch. This revelation is included in Moses 7 in the Pearl of Great Price. (History of the Church, 1:133-139)

1833 – The Saints who had fled Jackson county and settled in Van Buren county temporarily while waiting to be reinstated on their property in Jackson county, were now being threatened and forced out of Van Buren county. (History of the Church, 1:456-457) Property was being destroyed and many families were fleeing for safety again. Most of the Church members ended up in Clay county and were being treated fairly well by the population there. But by 1836, the Saints would voluntarily move north and settle in the area around the future city of Far West to avoid conflict with the citizens of Clay county.

1835 – The Prophet Joseph is visited by a group of youth interested in seeing the Egyptian records that he had recently obtained. When asked if they had the “appearance of antiquity,” a young lady stated that they did not, to which the Prophet stated that wise and learned men had pronounced then ancient. He states he was “surprised at the ignorance she displayed” and that “it was downright wickedness, ignorance, bigotry and superstition had caused her to make the remark . . . It is a fair sample of the prevailing spirit of the times, showing that the victims of priestcraft and superstition would not believe though one should rise from the dead.” In the evening the Prophet attended a debate at the home of his brother, William Smith, on the question “Was it necessary for God to reveal Himself to mankind in order for their happiness?” The Prophet spoke on the affirmative but while enjoying himself was called away to the home of Sister Angeline Works who was ill. He and John Corrill went and blessed her and then returned home. (History of the Church, 2:329-330).

1845 – Brigham Young and the brethren officiated in the Temple until midnight. In all, twenty-eight males and twenty-seven females received their endowments in the Nauvoo Temple on this day.

1846 – The Mormon Battalion fights a herd of wild bulls near the San Pedro River, resulting in the death of ten to fifteen bulls and the wounding of three men.

1850 – The Hawaiian (Sandwich Islands) Mission is organized when 10 missionaries arrived in Honolulu.

1889 – The First Presidency of the Church issues an important manifesto regarding the Church’s view on the relationship between Church and civil courts.

1925 – The first convert baptisms in Argentina were performed in the Rio de la Plata for German immigrants Anna Kullick, her spouse, her brother and his wife, and two young women.

1942 – The LDS book publisher Bookcraft is established. The company would later be acquired by Deseret Book.

2010 – The Barrigada Guam Stake, the first stake in Guam, is organized.

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