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December 2

1835 – Being a “fine morning,” the Prophet Joseph took his family for a sleigh ride to visit sister Harriet Howe at Painesville, Ohio. While passing through Mentor Street they came upon another sleigh and the Prophet politely asked them to let them pass. As they let the Prophet pass they called out, “Do you get any revelations lately?” The Prophet states “this is a fair sample of the character of Mentor Street inhabitants, who are ready to abuse and scandalize men who never laid a straw in their way.” The Prophet and his family continue on to Painesville where he leaves his wife and children to visit with Sister Howe while he and his scribe rode into town to do some business. After dinner at the Howe’s, the Prophet and his family return to Kirtland. “Had a fine ride—sleighing good, weather pleasant” (History of the Church, 2:323-324).

1843 – The Prophet Joseph spent the day in the assembly room over his store. Several brethren were given their endowments and instructed in the Priesthood. About 35 persons were present on this occasion.

1845 – With the attic now dedicated, Brigham Young spent the day, and the next several days, in the Nauvoo Temple making preparations, preparing the rooms, etc. for the giving of the endowment.

1856 – About sixty wagons and teams leave Salt Lake City, Utah, to meet the wagon companies led by Captains Hodgett and Hunt that had accompanied the Martin and Willie handcart companies, to rescue them and bring them to Salt Lake City.

1902 – President Joseph F. Smith issues a public report to the Associated Press supporting Reed Smoot’s election to the U. S. Senate and indicates the charges against Smoot are unfounded.

1982 – Making medical history, Dr. William DeVries implants the first artificial heart into a human, Barney Clark. Both Dr. DeVries and Barney Clark are members of the Church.

1983 – The Mexico City D. F. Mexico Temple is dedicated by President Gordon B. Hinckley of the First Presidency.

1989 – Church membership reaches seven million.

2005 – The Colombian Congress recognizes the LDS Church for its ongoing humanitarian service to Colombia.

2006 – Church member, Atom Sogoian, took first place in the Bulgaria National Fencing Championship held in Plovdiv.

2012 – The 3,000th stake of the Church, and the first stake in Sierra Leone, was created in Freetown, Sierra Leone, with Patrick Swarry, Jr. as President.

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