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December 29

1833 – Wilford Woodruff begins recording early Latter-day Saint history in his journal. His journals would record the daily events of his life and the Church for sixty-five years.

1835 – The Prophet Joseph, with his wife, parents, and scribe, attended a “blessing meeting.” The meeting was opened with song and prayer and then about fifteen persons received patriarchal blessings from the Patriarch, Joseph Smith Sr.. A meal was served afterwards. In the evening, the Prophet attended a meeting at the school house where he preached three hours to a large congregation. (History of the Church, 2:347)

1836 – The Saints were granted the incorporation of a new county for their settlement in Missouri. It was named Caldwell County and was named by Alexander Doniphan to honor John Caldwell. It became the gathering place of the Saints in the area. Far West was named the county seat.

1842 – The Prophet Joseph and his company traveled thirty-two miles in extremely cold weather towards Springfield, Illinois, staying the night at a Captain Dutche’s. (History of the Church, 5:210-211)

1843 – The City Council of Nauvoo and the Mayor, Joseph Smith, met and swore in forty men to act as city policemen to help protect the Saints in Nauvoo. Jonathan Dunham was the police captain. The mayor then gave an address to the new sworn officers concerning their duty and the threat from Missouri and trouble makers coming into the city. (History of the Church, 6:149-153)

1845 – After a few days for rest and cleaning of the Temple, the giving of the ordinances began again in the evening. One thousand Saints have now received their endowments.

1934 – The Church announced a new schedule for Aaronic Priesthood advancement.

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