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December 3

1831 – Stating that “the time had come that the Gospel should be proclaimed in power and demonstration to the world,” Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon traveled from Hiram, to Kirtland, Ohio, in order to follow the instructions of the revelation received on December 1 known today as Doctrine and Covenants 71. (History of the Church, 1:239).

      Warren Parrish home in Kirtland, Ohio

1835 – The Prophet Joseph spent the day at home with his family and in writing letters. In the evening, he and Emma attended a wedding, which the Prophet performed, between Warren Parrish and Martha Raymond. They closed the service with singing and prayer. After refreshments, they returned home, “having spent the evening very agreeably” (History of the Church, 2:324).

1843 – Hyrum Smith was injured when he slipped and turned the knee-joint backward and sprained the large muscle of his leg. Emma was also unwell. The Prophet Joseph spent part of the day attending to them. An assembly was held in the upper room of the Prophets store where prayers were offered in behalf of the sick in the community. The Prophet also instructed those present in the things of the Priesthood. (History of the Church, 6:98)

1851 – The first baptisms in New South Wales, Australia, take place at Sydney.

1898 – The first issue of the Latter-day Saints’ Southern Star, a weekly Church periodical, is published in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

1940 – Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is born in St. George, Utah.

1962 – The first Spanish-speaking stake in the Church is organized in Mexico City. Mexico.

1999 – Craig D. Jessop is appointed music director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, replacing Jerold D. Ottley, who would retire after leading the Choir for twenty-five years.

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