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December 30

1839 – The Prophet Joseph left Philadelphia, with Orson Pratt, and traveled to a branch of the Church in Monmouth County, New Jersey, to spend several days with the Saints there. (History of the Church, 4:49)

1842 – The Prophet Joseph, and those traveling with him, arrived in Springfield, Illinois and the home of Judge Adams’. He meets with several people in preparation for his court appearance. In the evening at Judge Adams’, where they lodged, the Prophet Joseph taught that “Christ and the resurrected Saints will reign over the earth during the thousand years.” He explained that while they may not dwell on the earth, they would visit it anytime they wanted or when it was necessary to govern it. He also stated that the wicked, or those not baptized, would live during the thousand years but those who choose not to worship the Savior would “eventually be destroyed from the earth” (History of the Church, 5:212).

1845 – Ending the work of the ordinances early—8:30 p.m.—it was decided to have a little relaxation to finish the day. A brother Hansen produced his violin and dancing commenced. Brigham Young records that “The spirit of dancing increased until the whole floor was covered with dancers, and while we danced before the Lord, we shook the dust off our feet as a testimony against this nation” (History of the Church, 7:557). After an hour of dancing, the group enjoyed a few songs that were sung. Sister Whitney sang in tongues, the interpretation was given by her husband, Bishop Whitney. Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball also spoke in tongues. The evening was closed with prayer.

1854 – Colonel Edward Steptoe, who had been sent by U.S. President Franklin Pierce to replace Brigham Young as governor of the territory of Utah, and other prominent non-Mormons in Utah, draw up and sign a petition asking President Pierce to retain Brigham Young as governor because of how well the territory was being run. Colonel Steptoe refused to be governor after arriving in Utah and seeing the truth about how things were being administrated.

1973 – Spencer W. Kimball is ordained and set apart as the twelfth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. N. Eldon Tanner and Marion G. Romney were called as his counselors.

1979 – The first branch of the Church is organized on La Reunion, an island in the Indian Ocean.

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