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December 5

1833 – The Prophet Joseph writes a letter to the brethren in Missouri after learning that the mob had forced the Saints from their homes in Jackson County. He encourages them not to sell their property, but seek redress from the civil authorities and prosecute the mob to the full extent of the law. He encourages the Saints to help each other and not murmur at the dealings of God with His children. He reminds them of the ancient Prophets and Apostles and what they had to go through in the name of righteousness. “We know not what we shall be called to pass through before Zion is delivered and established; therefore, we have great need to live near to God, and always to be in strict obedience to all His commandments, that we may have a conscience void of offense toward God and man” (History of the Church, 1:450).

1834 – Directed by revelation, Oliver Cowdery was ordained Assistant President of Church by the Prophet Joseph Smith. (History of the Church, 2:176)

1839 – The Prophet Joseph Smith wrote a letter to Hyrum Smith and the high council at Nauvoo reporting on his efforts in Washington D. C.. In his letter he shares the experience of meeting with President Van Buren and meeting with members of the House of Representatives. He expresses his disappointment in the leaders elected by the people and their “pomposity and show” and “a display of folly and show, more than substance and gravity” (History of the Church, 4:40-41).

1841 – The Prophet Joseph begins to proof read the new edition of the Book of Mormon in preparation for printing of what becomes known as the Nauvoo edition. (History of the Church, 4:468)

1847 – The Council of Twelve Apostles met at Elder Orson Hyde’s home during the evening. After remarks from several of the brethren, Brigham Young was unanimously chosen to be President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His chosen counselors, Elders Heber C. Kimball and Willard Richards, were also approved by the Twelve. It would be about three weeks before the general conference of the Church would sustain the decision of the Twelve to reorganize the First Presidency.

1903 – The Harper’s Weekly, a U. S. national newspaper, defends Elder Reed Smoot on his worthiness to be seated following his election to the United States Senate.

1953 – The Church News reported a new tulip developed in Holland named “The Joseph Smith Tulip” was delivered to be planted at Temple Square in Salt Lake City. According to the growers, it is one of the most beautiful hybrids yet developed.

1990 – Ty Detmer, Church member and BYU quarterback, receives the Heisman Trophy from the New York Downtown Athletic Club, recognizing him as the best college football player in America.

1993 – Brazil becomes the second country outside the United States to have one hundred stakes when the Sao Leopoldo Brazil Stake is organized.

1998 – Two thousand Christmas food baskets, valued at $60,000 Australian dollars, were donated to the Salvation Army in New South Wales Australia, to be distributed to the needy. The baskets were paid for with revenues from the Church’s agriculture property in Australia.

2009 – A celebration of the successes of the Church College of New Zealand and a final graduation of students was held as the institution was closed after 51 years of operation. Hundreds performed, including labor missionaries who helped build the school, as they spotlighted key events and activities of the school of the school so all could look forward, with gratitude for the past and with hope for the future.

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