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December 9

1831 – During the month of December, and into part of January, the Prophet Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon traveled through northern Ohio and “continued to preach in Shalersville, Ravenna, and other places, setting forth the truth, vindicating the cause of our Redeemer . . . by which means we did much towards allaying the excited feelings which were growing out of the scandalous letters then being published . . . by the before mentioned apostate, Ezra Booth” (History of the Church, 1:241).

1835 – The Prophet Joseph records that several brethren donated and loaned him money to help him and his family. “My heart swells with gratitude inexpressible when I realize the great condescension of my heavenly Father, in opening the hearts of these my brethren to administer so liberally to my wants. And I ask God, in the name of Jesus Christ, to multiply blessings without number upon their heads” (History of the Church, 2:327).

      William Smith

1842 – A resolution was introduced in the Illinois House of Representatives to repeal the Nauvoo City charter and the removal of state arms from the Nauvoo Legion. William Smith, brother of the Prophet and Illinois House member, gave a stirring speech on the floor of the house in defense of Nauvoo and her citizens. He finishes with these words, “Give us those rights, and we are content; without them we are deprived of that which was purchased by the blood of our fathers” (History of the Church, 5:204). The Prophet spent the day chopping wood while Hyrum Smith and the Prophet’s legal representatives left for Springfield to meet with the Governor and others on legal matters.

1845 – Father Tucker and Father Hamilton, of the Catholic Church, met with Brigham Young and the Church leadership on acquiring property in the soon-to-be empty city of Nauvoo, including the Temple. Brigham Young stated to them that “we wish to hand it over to the Catholics and so keep out those who want to have our property for nothing.” The money from the sale would help pay the expenses of the Saints moving to the west. The sale would later fail to take place and the Temple would be desecrated and destroyed.

1849 – Fifty children meet at the Salt Lake City, Utah, home of Richard Ballantyne for the first Church-sponsored Sunday School.

1867 – President Brigham Young begins to hold “School of the Prophets” in Salt Lake City, Utah, to prepare the members of the Church for the challenges from the “outside” world posed by the coming of the railroad and other facets of modernization. Later, branches of the school are set up all through the Latter-day Saint settlements of the west.

1895 – The first stake in Mexico is organized at Colonia Juarez.

1934 – The first stake in New York is organized.

1978 – The first missionaries to Ghana, Elder Rendell N. and Sister Rachel Mabey and Elder Edwin and Sister Janath Cannon, arrive in the country. They soon baptize eighty-nine people who have been waiting for the arrival of the missionaries, and within a year, more than four hundred people are baptized into the Church.

2007 – Church member Matt Sherwood of Pima, Arizona, won the team roping header world championship at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

2018 – The Barranquilla Colombia Temple is dedicated by President Dallin H. Oaks of the First Presidency.

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