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February 10

1836 – Hyrum Smith severely cut himself with an ax on his left arm by accident.  The Prophet Joseph hurried to Hyrum’s house to check on him.  He was grateful that it wasn’t worse and asked Heavenly Father to bless his father’s family and to heal his brother.

1837 – The Prophet Joseph signed Kirtland Safety Society Bank notes.

1838 – In a meeting of the High Council and the Bishop’s Council, it was moved and voted that Thomas B. Marsh and David W. Patten act as presidents of the Church in Missouri until the Prophet Joseph Smith arrives.  The presidency of the Church in Missouri, David Whitmer, John Whitmer, and William W. Phelps, had been removed from office by a vote of the members for misconduct.  The Prophet and his family were on their way to Far West, Missouri, after fleeing Kirtland, Ohio.

1844 – Due to increased use of the assembly room in the Red Brick Store for religious purposes, the school ran by Mr. Cole was asked to move to another location.  The Prophet Joseph attended a prayer meeting in the assembly room where he prayed for Sister Richards and others who were sick. (History of the Church, 6:211).

1846Joseph Young, brother of Brigham Young, is appointed to preside temporarily over the Church in Nauvoo as the Twelve Apostles would soon leave the city for the west.

1870 – The Utah territorial legislature passes an act allowing women to vote in Utah.

1919 – With the conclusion of World War I, the First Presidency writes a letter to stake presidents urging them to encourage an increase of members of the Church serving as missionaries.

2008 – The Rexburg Idaho Temple was dedicated.

2019 – President Russell M. Nelson and President Dallin H. Oaks of the First Presidency, speak before 65,000 people at the State Farm Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona, and encouraged church members to live the commandments more exactly and to stand out as “much different” from the modern world. They promised peace, spiritual healing and growth to those who do. President Nelson also wrote an op-ed printed in the Arizona Republic Newspaper.

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