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February 16

1832 – Joseph Smith and his family were living in the home of John and Elsa Johnson in Hiram, Ohio.  While working on the inspired translation the Gospel of John, particularly John 5:20–40, the Prophet Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon receive a vision that comprises Doctrine and Covenants 76. There may have been as many as 12 men in that room with them who saw the glory but not the Vision.  In the vision, they see the Savior on the right hand of God, events in the premortal life, and the three degrees of glory. (History of the Church, 1:245-252).

1835 – Joseph Smith saw in vision the order of the priesthood and the postmortal condition of those who died in Zion’s Camp. (Opening the Heavens, p. 313)

1843 – The Prophet and his party continued on to Shokoquon.  The sleigh of Elder Pratt and Hyde overturned and the horse broke away.  Elder Hyde hurt his hand, the horse was caught, and they continued on.  They visited Shokoquon, Illinois, and found is a desirable location for a city to built.  On the return trip, while stopped for a break, the horse of one of the sleighs reared up and jumped the sleigh in front of it as the Prophet and his passengers jumped from it.  The horses ran, the sleighs came off, and they “had their frolic out without hurting themselves or drivers’ (History of the Church, 5:278).  They stayed at Mr. Rose’s again.

1846 – Brigham Young organizes the Camp of Israel at Sugar Creek, Iowa, in preparation for the trek west.  Sugar Creek had plenty of timber and water and was a good place to set up a base camp for the Saints as they left Nauvoo.

1983 – Relief Society General President Barbara B. Smith receives the BYU Exemplary Womanhood Award.

2020 – Elder Ronald A. Rasband, dedicated the Durban South Africa Temple.

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