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February 19

1793 – Sidney Rigdon is born in St. Clair, Pennsylvania.

1834 – The newly called Kirtland High Council met for the first time.  The Prophet Joseph gave instructions and then blessed each of the twelve councilors.  He also blessed his assistant presidents.  Joseph received a blessing from his father.  Other blessings were also given.  Joseph then gave those present “a solemn charge to do their duty in righteousness, and in the fear of God.’  They then heard their first complaint, hearing both sides against Elder Curtis Hodges, Sen..  He was found guilty of the charges against him.  He repented of his error and said that he would mend his ways.  The council then forgave him and adjourned.

1835 – The Prophet Joseph and others continue in their Hebrew school.  Professor Seixas seemed pleased with their progress and spent a good part of the day conversing with the Prophet on religion.

1837 – Joseph Smith addressed the Saints in the Kirtland Temple by the power of God. (Wilford Woodruff Journal, vol. 1).

1843 – Elder William Henshaw, under the direction of Elder Lorenzo Snow, traveled to Glamorganshire, South Wales, and began privately teaching several families there.  On this date he baptized his first converts in Wales and began preaching publicly.  However, only about one-third of the people he taught understood English.

1981 – President Spencer W. Kimball, assisted by Malieotoa Tanumafil II, the Samoan head of state, breaks ground for the first Apia Samoa Temple.  Nearly 4,000 attend.

1994 – The First Presidency issues a statement opposing efforts to legalize same-sex marriages in the United States.

1995 – The Cadiz Spain Stake is organized which also encompassed Gibraltar.

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