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February 22

1834 – Parley P. Pratt and Lyman Wight arrive in Kirtland, Ohio, after a five-week journey from Missouri to inform the leaders of the Church that Missouri Governor Daniel Dunklin is willing to help restore the Saints to their property in Jackson County, from which they had been driven in November 1833.

1836 – During the morning, the Prophet Joseph attended Hebrew class and then filled out the records for eleven marriages he had solemnized during the last three months.  He also baptized John O. Waterman.  He spent the afternoon translating the Bible with his scribe, Warren Parrish.  In the afternoon the sisters in Kirtland met to make the veils of the Temple.  The veils were white canvas curtains that divided the main floor of the Temple into four sections.  This was so several meetings could be held at one time in the Temple.  There were also curtains to separate the pulpits from the rest of the room. The Prophet reports that the lower room of the Temple is ready to be painted.

1838 – The Prophet Joseph and his family are crossing Illinois and approaching Missouri during their move from Kirtland, Ohio, to Far West, Missouri, due to persecution.

1841 – The Nauvoo City Council passed an ordinance turning over all “matters and powers whatever in relation to common schools, and all other institutions of learning within the City of Nauvoo’ be turned over to the regents of the University of the City of Nauvoo.

1843 – Brother Abel Owen presented Joseph Smith a claim for a large amount.  The Church nor the Prophet Joseph were obligated to pay the debt, however, he said he was poor and was not able to work.  The Prophet Joseph told him that if he dropped the claim, he would provide for him.  He then gave a note to him for $15.00 worth of provisions to help him.

1849 – The original nineteen wards in the Salt Lake Valley are organized.  The patterned used became a model for future establishment of Church wards and stakes throughout the world.

1970 – The first stake in Peru is organized in Lima.

1987 – President Ezra Taft Benson addresses the mothers of the Church in a fireside for parents broadcast over the Church satellite network, urging them to fulfill the Lord’s commandments regarding their families.

1990 – The African country of Lesotho is dedicated for the preaching of the gospel by Elder Neal A. Maxwell, and the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago are dedicated by Elder M. Russell Ballard.

2002 – President Gordon B. Hinckley is interviewed by NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw and aired during prime time coverage of the Winter Olympic Games.  The interview also showed photos of the Salt Lake Temple, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Welfare Square, and other Church related items.

2003The Church News reported that Church member and Seventeen-year-old Kristin Richards of Orem, Utah, received the Gatorade National Volleyball player of the year Award in January.

2004 – The Sao Paulo Brazil Temple is rededicated by President Gordon B. Hinckley after an extensive renovation that included adding a statue of the Angel Moroni to its spire.

2013 – The Abu Dhabi Stake Center, the only building constructed by the Church in the Middle East Africa North Area, is dedicated by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of Quorum of the Twelve.

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