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February 23

1836 – The Prophet Joseph gave some remarks in the Kirtland Temple upon the rise and progress of the Church and pronounced a blessing upon the women who were working, “so cheerfully,’ to make the veil or curtains for the Temple.

1841 – An act to establish the Nauvoo House Association is approved on this date by the State of Illinois.

1842 – The Prophet Joseph Smith met with Reuben Hedlock and gave him instructions concerning the printers cut for the facsimiles from the records of Abraham to be published in the Times and Seasons.

1844 – The Prophet Joseph met with the Twelve Apostles, Sidney Rigdon, Hyrum Smith, and others and discussed the exploration of the West for settlement of the Saints.  He told them he wanted all the mountain country explored and that he wanted “every man that goes to be a king and a priest.  When he gets on the mountains he may want to talk with his God’ (History of the Church, 6:224). Several of the brethren present volunteered to go. 1845 – A Sunday meeting was held at Bishop Hale’s in Nauvoo, Illinois, where “Mother Smith’ (Lucy Mack Smith) gave a recital of the persecutions endured by her family in the establishment of the Church and exhorted the parents to bring up their children in the way they should go. (History of the Church, 7:375).

1846 – At the camp of the Saints at Sugar Creek, Iowa, Brigham Young met with the captains of hundreds about starting the move to the west.  A group was sent out to find the next camp and returned and reported a nice camp about ten miles to the west.  A group was sent out to find grain for the camp.  It reported corn could be purchased at 18 3/4 cents, a higher price than it was available in Montrose.  The Hancock Eagle newspaper reported that “the Twelve with their thousands of followers have abandoned their Temple and their city’ and that “Two or three thousand have already left’ the City of Nauvoo for the west.

1856 – George Q. Cannon publishes the first issue of the Western Standard, a Church newspaper published in San Francisco, California.

1990 – The South American country of Guyana is dedicated by Elder M. Russell Ballard for the preaching of the gospel.

2002 – Ground was broken for the Aba Nigeria Temple by Elder H. Bruce Stucki of the Seventy.  Church leaders were joined by state and local governmental leaders, tribal chiefs, and 2,000 people to witness the event.

2006 – Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles dedicates the Lao People’s Democratic Republic for the work of the gospel.

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