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February 7

1839 – Stephen Markham left Missouri with the Prophet’s wife, Emma, and his children, taking them to safety in Quincy, Illinois.  The brethren in the Liberty Jail discussed escaping from the Jail.  The Prophet Joseph prayed and received confirmation that if they were to escape that day when the jailer brought their food, they would succeed. All agreed except for Lyman Wight who asked them to stay another day.  On this date, the jailer left the door wide open when he brought the food in giving them ample opportunity to escape, but they did not try after the agreement with Lyman Wight.

1844 – The Prophet met with the Twelve Apostles and Hyrum Smith to discuss his presidential campaign.  He also completed his “Views of the Powers and Policy of the Government of the United States.’  An article appeared in the Warsaw Message apparently written by Wilson Law that discussed polygamy in a “very foul and malicious spirit’  (History of the Church, 6:210). This was before the public announcement of the practice of plural marriage by a few members of the Church and resulted in an increase of rumors of the practice in the Nauvoo area.

1846 – Brigham Young, President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, gives the last temple ordinances in the Nauvoo Temple.  Over 5,600 Saints had received their temple blessings during the short time the Nauvoo Temple was used for temple work.

1849 – Elder Orson Hyde issues the first number of The Frontier Guardian, a semimonthly newspaper published in Kanesville, Iowa.

1872 – Amy Cassandra Brown Lyman, Eighth General President of the Relief Society from 1940-1945, was born in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

1901 – The LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, Utah, is dedicated by President Lorenzo Snow.

1921 – While attending a flag-raising ceremony at the mission school in Laie, Hawaii, Elder David O. McKay of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, has a vision of a university to be built in the community.  It would open in September 1955 as the Church College of Hawaii, and later renamed Brigham Young University-Hawaii.

1957 – The first branch of the Church in Newfoundland, Canada, is organized at St. Johns.

2002 – Thousands crowded the street in front of the Church Administration Building in Salt Lake City, Utah, to witness the passing of the Olympic torch to the First Presidency on the steps of the building.  Elder Robert D. Hales took the torch up the steps and handed it to President James E. Faust, who handed it to President Thomas S. Monson, who in turn, handed to President Gordon B. Hinckley who gave a few remarks of welcome.  President Hinckley then handed it to Elder Neal A. Maxwell who carried it from the Administration Building through a cheering crowd.   Also, the Church Olympic theatrical event opened at the Conference Center.  Over 300,000 people would attend a performance of “Light of the World—A Celebration of Life.’

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