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How God Teaches Us The Real Meaning of Words

A while ago, my wife emailed me some of the images below. It sat in my inbox because I wanted to add it here, but I haven’t had much time. Finally, I sat down today and started working on this post. I added the frames and wording to each image, but then I couldn’t stop. I went out and found additional pictures. In the end, I really spent way too much time creating this post, but I think you will find my efforts worthwhile while. Special thanks to my beautiful wife and children for teaching me many of these words, but I thank my tender Heavenly Father for not teaching me all of these words!

Comment(s) on this post:

  1. dany

    Thank you for taking time to put these pictures together.  They’re very  moving , they depict the realities of life indeed.  They made me smile and cry. 

  2. Paul W.

    @Dany: The pleasure was all mine =)

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