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January 18

1827 – Joseph Smith, Jr. and Emma Hale are married by Zachariah Tarbell in South Bainbridge, New York.  The couple met while Joseph was working for Josiah Stowell and boarding with Emma’s father, Isaac Hale.

1836 – The Prophet Joseph spent this day in Hebrew School in the upper floor of the Kirtland Temple.  Learning and reading Hebrew would occupy much of the Prophets time for several weeks.

1843 – The Prophet Joseph, with his wife Emma, hosted a dinner party at the mansion house in Nauvoo, Illinois, to celebrate Joseph’s deliverance from the Missouri legal proceedings.  Joseph and Emma waited on over seventy guests during the party.  The Prophet recorded that “Many interesting anecdotes were related by the company, who were very cheerful, and the day passed off very pleasantly’ (History of the Church, 5:253).

1941 – The General Sunday School board announces a change in curriculum. The new studies are designed to give a basic well-rounded knowledge of the gospel to all members of the Church.

1965 – The Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings at the inauguration of United States President Lyndon B. Johnson in Washington, D. C.

1970 – President David O. McKay dies in Salt Lake City, Utah, at age ninety-six.  He served sixty-three years and nine months as an Apostle and President of the Church.

1972 – The Ogden Utah Temple is dedicated by President Joseph Fielding Smith.

1992 – Church member Saimoni Tamani, the first Fijian to win a medal in track and field at the Commonwealth Games (1970), is inducted into the Fijian Hall of Fame.

1996 – The First Presidency announces the withdrawal of General Authorities from boards of directors of corporations, including Church-owned corporations.

1997 – The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) airs Ancestors, a ten-part series on family history produced by KBYU-TV, on national television.

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