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January 27

1800 – Jacob Whitmer, one of the eight witnesses of the Book of Mormon, is born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

1842 – The Prophet Joseph recorded that he spent the day in business, met with his recorder and gave some instructions concerning the order of the kingdom, and met in council in the upper room of his store in the evening.  During the day he also placed a carpet given to him by Carlos Granger on the floor of his office and received a report from Brigham Young and James Ivins on their visit with Dr. Galland, who had sold land in Nauvoo to the Church.

1845 – In the midst of trying to finish the Temple and hold the Church together, Brigham Young, President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, sent fifty missionaries on their missions on this date.

1846 – The news came from Springfield, Illinois, that Governor Ford had turned against the Saints and was in favor of putting the county under martial law—suspending all civil offices, and the direct collection of taxes. In contrast, Brigham Young officiated in giving 126 members of the Church their endowments, officiating until 10:00 p.m. and ended up spending the night in the Temple.

1847 – The Mormon Battalion arrives at San Luis Rey Mission in California near San Diego, ending the longest infantry march in United States History.  Much of the money paid to the soldiers was sent back to Council Bluffs and given as aid to the soldiers’ families.  The Mexican War in California ended two weeks before the Mormon Battalion arrived in the San Diego, California area, fulfilling Brigham Young’s prophecy that they would “have little or no fighting.’

1852 – As a missionary to Hawaii, George Q. Cannon begins translating the Book of Mormon into Hawaiian.

1878 – The first stake in Arizona is organized at the Mormon colonies along the Little Colorado River.

1910 – The Bishop’s Building in Salt Lake City, Utah, was dedicated by President Joseph F. Smith.  It is the first time the Presiding Bishopric of the Church has its own offices.

1985 – A special fast is held by Church members in the United States and Canada to raise money for the victims of famine in Africa and other parts of the world.  The fast raises $6.5 million.

2000 – During his visit to the Pacific Rim countries, President Gordon B. Hinckley met with the President of Indonesia, Abdurranman Wahid, at a dinner in the presidential palace in Jakarta.

2008 – President Gordon B. Hinckley died at age 97 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He lived longer than any President of the Church and served as a General Authority over 49 years.  He served as a counselor to three Church Presidents and was the 15th President of the Church

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