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January 28

1834 – The Prophet Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery, and Frederick G. Williams, “bowed before the Lord, and united in prayer, that God would continue to deliver me and my brethren from ‘Doctor’ Hurlburt’ and his lawsuit.  They also prayed for certain brethren that their hearts might be softened and obey the Gospel, and that faithful Saints would gather and purchase farms, “that this Stake may be strengthened and its borders enlarged’ (History of the Church, 2:24).

1836 – The Prophet Joseph meets with various Church leaders in the Kirtland Temple and participated in the organization of the High Priests, Seventies, and Elders Quorum presidencies.  The brethren experience many great manifestations of the power of God, including the appearance of angels and other visions.

1842 – The Prophet Joseph spent most of his day in Church business and received a revelation directed to the Twelve Apostles concerning the Church publication, Times and Seasons.  He called Elder John Snyder to go on a mission to England.  He met with Elias Higbee of the Temple building committee and told him the Lord was not pleased with his efforts in getting the Nauvoo Temple built and that he must “straighten up your loins and do better, and your family also’ (History of the Church, 4:503).

1843 – The Prophet Joseph records that he “Played ball with the brethren a short time.  Rode round the city with Mr. Taylor, a land agent from New York’ (History of the Church, 5:260).

1850 – Representative Linn Boyd, a member of the United States Congress from Kentucky, introduces the application for the state of Deseret’s admission as a state to the Union.  Due to the fear of the “Mormons’ having their own state, the petition ultimately fails and Utah is granted territorial status instead.

1940 – The Mormon Battalion Monument in San Diego, California, is unveiled and dedicated.

1964 – The United States federal government identifies Temple Square and the Lion House in Salt Lake City, Utah, as National Historic Landmarks.

1972 – R. LaVell Edwards is named the new head football coach at Brigham Young University.  His twenty-nine year career included a national championship in 1984.

1981 – The first missionaries arrive on the island of Saint Croix in the Virgin Islands.

1990 – The Tallinn Branch, the first branch of the Church in Estonia, then part of the Soviet Union, is organized.

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