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January 30

1831 – After visiting the Prophet Joseph Smith in New York, Sidney Rigdon returns home to Ohio bearing a strong witness and testimony of the Prophet’s calling and the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.

1836 – The Prophet Joseph attended Hebrew school in the morning as usual.  He showed Mr. Seixas (the Hebrew teacher) and several visitors, the papyri record of Abraham.  Mr. Seixas “pronounced it to be original beyond all doubt.’  The Prophet spent the remainder of the day in meetings and in instructing the brethren.  He met with the different quorums and continued to set them in order, trying to insure every Priesthood brother was included in a quorum.  The Prophet wrote: “I returned to my house, being weary with continual anxiety and labor in putting all the authorities in order, and in striving to purify them for the solemn assembly, according to the commandment of the Lord’ (History of the Church, 2:388).

1841 – At a special conference of the Church, the Prophet Joseph Smith is placed in the position of Trustee-in-Trust for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The office of trustee-in-trust for the Church would administer the finances for the Church until 1923.

1842 – The Prophet Joseph “preached at [his] house’ concerning “the different spirits, their operations, designs, etc.’ (History of the Church, 4:510).

1845 – Brigham Young met with the Nauvoo City Council to discuss the repeal of the City Charter by the Illinois State Legislature.  They agreed to continue with the city election and to hope the Governor would veto the legislation.

1846 – At 9:00 a.m. the angel “flying through the midst of Heaven” weather vane was placed on the top of the Nauvoo Temple tower. Temple ordinances continued in the Temple until late evening, one hundred and seventy-two persons received their endowment.

1847 – Lieutenant-colonel Philip St. George Cook, United States military officer and leader of the “Mormon’ Battalion issues “Order Number 1,’ stating: “The lieutenant-colonel commanding congratulates the [Mormon] battalion on their safe arrival on the shore of the Pacific ocean, and the conclusion of the march of over two thousand miles.  History may be searched in vain for an equal march of infantry’ (Exploring Southwestern Trails 1846-1854, 4:238).

1909 – During a two-day meeting of local Church leaders in Auckland, New Zealand, they dedicate a new mission headquarters and an assembly hall.

1951 – Church leaders announce that no young men of draft age in the United States will be called to serve a mission during the Korean War.

1982 – The Primary announces major changes in curriculum for the Primary.  They introduce a Valiant A and B course, combined class of eleven-year-olds, and a new Gospel in Action award.

2007 – Copies of LDS Scriptures and other materials about the Church’s doctrine and history were presented to Matei Iliev, Councilor of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria for the Bulgarian Presidential Library. President Blair S. Bennett, Bulgaria Sofia Mission President, made the presentation during a meeting at the presidential palace.

2013 -The Church announced the Benemerito De Las Americas, a high school owned and operated by the Church in Mexico City, Mexico, will be converted into a training center for missionaries in order to accommodate the increased interest in mission service at the end of the current school year. It will house and train missionaries who will serve in Mexico and North, Central and South America.

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