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January 4

1833 – The Prophet Joseph wrote a letter to a Rochester, New York, newspaper editor by the name of N. E. Seaton. In the letter he testifies of the restoration, the Book of Mormon, the gathering of Israel in the last days, and the coming Civil War between the states. (History of the Church, 1:312-316)

1836 – A Hebrew class was organized and met in the west room of the attic in the Kirtland Temple. The instructor chosen could not attend, so it was decided that the Prophet Joseph teach the class until a full time instructor could be hired to replace him. The decision to organize a singing school was made and a committee of six was chosen to take charge of the singing department.

1843 – The Prophet Joseph appeared in a Springfield, Illinois, court room for his trial based on the arrest warrant out of Missouri accusing him of being part of the attempted murder of former Governor Boggs of Missouri. The day went very well and was adjourned until tomorrow for judgment. The evening was spent visiting with different groups of people.

1844 – In dinner conversation with Brother Phelps, the Prophet Joseph remarked “what a kind, provident wife’ he had. Brother Phelps stated that he should be like Bonaparte and have a little table all to himself. Emma replied, “Mr. Smith is a bigger man than Bonaparte: he can never eat without his friends’ (History of the Church, 6:165-166).

1852 – The first branch of the Church in Australia is organized in Sydney.

1879 – The gospel is preached in the Shetland Islands for the first time by Elder Hugh Findlay.

1892 – The Brigham Young Academy building in Provo, Utah, is dedicated by George Q. Cannon of the First Presidency.

1893 – United States President Benjamin Harrison issues a proclamation of amnesty to everyone who entered into plural marriage before 1 November 1890 to protect them from being prosecuted in the legal system.

      United States 45 Star Flag

1896 – United States President Grover Cleveland signs the proclamation making Utah the forty-fifth state in the Union. This event cumulates fifty years of efforts by the Saints and people of Utah. The 45-star flag would be flown for 12 years before another state was added.

1905 – President Joseph F. Smith dedicates the Dr. Groves Latter-day Saint Hospital. It would opened for the reception of patients on January 9th. Known today as LDS Hospital, it would be the first hospital in a Church owned network that would later become independent and known as Intermountain Health Care.

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