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January 5

1831 – The Prophet Joseph Smith receives Doctrine and Covenants 39. It was given to James Covill, a Baptist minister who was encouraged in the revelation to be baptized. It also declares that to receive the gospel is to receive Christ and that the gospel is to be preached to all nations before the coming of Christ.

1841 – The Prophet Joseph establishes the Nauvoo Lyceum, a theological school to help prepare missionaries for their duties in proclaiming the gospel to the world.

1842 – The Prophet Joseph opens his Red Brick Store in Nauvoo, Illinois. He wrote, “it was filled with customers, and I was almost continually behind the counter, as clerk, waiting on my friends’ (History of the Church, 4:491). The Red Brick Store served as the headquarters of the Church and was the location for the organization of the Relief Society, the presentation of the endowment for the first time in this dispensation, and the location of the Prophet Joseph’s office.

      Judge Nathaniel Pope

1843 – In his written decision, Judge Pope outlined his stand on the legal proceedings against the Prophet Joseph out of Missouri and then discharged them, bringing an end to the trial. The Prophet Joseph then met with the Judge and outlined his beliefs and principles during a one hour conversation with him. The Prophet Joseph was now legally free of the affidavits of the State of Missouri.

1844 – The Prophet records a dream where two serpents were swallowing each other from the tail–no explanation was given. The Nauvoo city council met to discuss the fears of William Marks and William Law that their lives were in danger. Accusations were made that they were enemies of the Prophet-Mayor, seeking his destruction and that the Nauvoo police were out to kill them. The meeting concluded with Mayor Joseph Smith warning Francis Higbee to “hold his tongue’ and Wilson Law stating, “I am Joseph’s friend: he has no better friend in the world: I am ready to lay down my life for him.’ The Laws and Higbees would later be instrumental in the Prophets death.

1970 – The missionaries enter Indonesia for the first time with the transfer of six missionaries from Singapore.

1994 – The first branch of the Church is organized in Ethiopia at Addis Ababa.

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