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January 8

1834 – At 1:00 am, the residents of Kirtland, Ohio, were awakened by the firing of thirteen rounds of cannon by a mob camped about a half mile northwest of town. Persecution of the Saints forced them to sleep in their clothes with a rifle at their side for protection. Many feared that the temple would not be completed and at night guards stood to protect the walls being built. It was a difficult winter for the Saints in the Kirtland, Ohio, area.

1836 – The plastering and hard-finishing on the outside of the Kirtland Ohio Temple was completed on this date. Work continues on the interior plastering of the Temple.

1840 – While Elder Brigham Young was preaching in Richmond, New York, some in the audience began to disturb the meeting with noise. Elder Young reproved them for their ill manners and they increased in their rudeness by firing lucifer matches. He then proposed to send them some Indians from the West to civilize them. (History of the Church, 4:75)

1843 – The Prophet Joseph and his party continue their journey home from Springfield to Nauvoo. They traveled for eight hours, passing through Geneva and Beardstown and crossing the Illinois River on the ice. They spent the night in Rushville, Illinois.

1882 – The Assembly Hall on Temple Square is dedicated by Elder Joseph F. Smith.

1900 – President Lorenzo Snow issues an official statement reaffirming the Church’s position against new plural marriages.

1955 – The Church joins other religious groups who offer a religious award for young men in the Scouting program. The LDS Boy Scouts can earn the Duty to God Award. This award recognizes the faith and activity of the young men.

1995 – The Bountiful Utah Temple is dedicated by President Howard W. Hunter.

2001 – The United States Supreme Court upheld a Massachusetts state law that allows for the construction of religious buildings in residential neighborhoods, ending one of the legal opposition lawsuits against the construction of the Boston Massachusetts Temple. The Temple had been dedicated on October 1, 2000.

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