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January 9

1836 – The Prophet Joseph spent the morning in school and attended a dinner party at the home of Newel K. Whitney along with his parents, Joseph Smith, Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith.  Father Smith blessed several people and Joseph reported “we had a good time.’ (History of the Church, 2:363).

1840 – The Prophet Joseph left Washington D. C. and returned to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he continued to preach and visit with the Saints in the area.

      Catherine Smith Salisbury

1843 – The Prophet Joseph and his party continued on their journey home from Springfield, Illinois.  One of the horses of the large carriage slipped and it went off an embankment of some six or eight feet.  Neither of the passengers, Lorin Walker and Willard Richards, were injured, but the carriage was damaged.  After the repairs, the group arrived in Plymouth, Illinois, where they stayed with the Prophet’s brother, Samuel.  The Prophet visited his sister, Catherine Salisbury, also of Plymouth, in the evening and then arrived at a meeting in the schoolhouse as it was ending.  John Taylor was preaching and the Prophet was greeted warmly.

1846 – Elder Brigham Young ended “dancing and merriment’ in the Nauvoo Temple, “lest the brethren and sisters be carried away by vanity; and that the name of Deity should be held reverence, with all the due deference that belongeth to an infinite being of his character’ (History of the Church, 7:566).

1851 – The provisional State of Deseret passes an ordinance to incorporate Great Salt Lake City.

1877 – The first baptisms for the dead since the Saints left Nauvoo, Illinois, were performed in the St. George Utah Temple.

1950 – The first LDS missionaries arrive in Paraguay.

1966 – Elder Gordon B. Hinckley presented President David O. McKay the first copy of the Chinese translation of the Book of Mormon.

1979 – The first branch of the Church is organized on the island of Saint Martin.

1999 – The Anchorage Alaska Temple is dedicated by President Gordon B. Hinckley.

2000 – The St. Paul Minnesota Temple is dedicated by President Gordon B. Hinckley.

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