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July 2

1833 – On or about this date, the Prophet Joseph Smith completed his translation of the Bible, however, he continued to make modifications until his death in 1844.

1834 – The Prophet Joseph Smith promises the men of Zion’s Camp that if they will humble themselves and covenant to keep the commandments and obey the counsel of the Lord, the cholera will end immediately.  The men make the covenant and the plague ends as promised.

1839 – The Prophet Joseph Smith, while counseling with and blessing the Twelve Apostles and a certain number of the Seventies before their missions to Great Britain, identifies the Angel Gabriel as the prophet Noah.

1849 – The general assembly of the provisional State of Deseret meets for the first time in Salt Lake City.  The provisional State of Deseret functions until Utah is made a territory in September 1850.

1964 – Latter-day Saint missionaries enter Macao, an enclave administered by Portugal near the mouth of China’s Canton River, for the first time.

1972President Joseph Fielding Smith, Jr. dies at age 95 in Salt Lake City, Utah, just 17 days before his 96th birthday.

1985 – The Stockholm Sweden Temple is dedicated by President Gordon B. Hinckley of the First Presidency.

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