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July 27

1837 – The Prophet Joseph, Sidney Rigdon, and Thomas B. Marsh, left Kirtland, Ohio, to visit the Saints in Canada.  Brother Rockwood, who was returning home, and BrighamYoung, who was leaving for a mission to the Eastern states, joined them as they left the city.  When they arrived in Painsville they were detained all day “by malicious and vexatious law suits.’  At sunset, the Prophet got into his carriage to return to Kirtland when the sheriff sprang into the carriage and served another writ on him.  After giving the officer his watch as security, the Prophet Joseph and those traveling with him were all allowed to return home. (History of the Church, 2:502).

1838 – The Kirtland Camp of Saints continued their journey to Far West, Missouri, traveling through Springfield, described as a very nice and beautiful city, camping near Lenox.  It was an excessively warm and dusty day, but all arrived safely after traveling fifteen miles.  People along the trail made harassing remarks as they traveled past and one member of the camp was threatened with death when he stopped at a home to ask about feed for his animals.  Several men found jobs along the trail to help bring an income and supplies for this group of poor Saints traveling as a group from Ohio to Missouri.

1847 – Brigham Young and fifteen others, including the other six members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles present in the valley, travel the northern end of the Salt Lake Valley.  They cross the Jordan River and travel to Black Rock at the southern end of the Great Salt Lake.  They swim in the lake and comment on the buoyancy of the salt water.  They then traveled west to Tooele Valley but noted there was not a lot of water that is so vital for settlement.  They then returned to Black Rock where they spent the night.

2015John S. Tanner becomes the 10th President of BYU-Hawaii.

2021 – Beginning with the October 2021 semiannual general conference, the Saturday evening session will be continued. All members and friends of the Church are invited to view this session. It will not have a specific theme, nor will it be intended for any particular demographic or leadership group. Holding this session will allow for more gospel topics to be taught and permit more general leaders to address the conference.

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