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July 29

1836 – The Prophet Joseph, traveling to Boston, Massachusetts, with Hyrum Smith, Sidney Rigdon, and Oliver Cowdery, traveled by line boat on the Erie Canal to Utica, then a train from Utica to Schenectady, and then another train from Schenectady to Albany, New York.  They had to rush “amid a scene of confusion, bustle, and crowding,’ to make the connecting train for Albany, arriving in the evening. (History of the Church, 2:463-464)

1837 – The Prophet Joseph, Sidney Rigdon, and Thomas B. Marsh, along with their traveling companions Brigham Young and Albert P. Rockwood, arrived in Ashtabula, Ohio, about daybreak.  While waiting for their steamer to Buffalo, New York, to leave, they “enjoyed [themselves] very much in walking on the beach and bathing in the beautiful, clear water of the lake.  At four p. m. we took a deck passage on board the steamer for Buffalo.’  As night fell, they went up onto the upper deck and “had a comfortable night’s repose.’ (History of the Church, 2:502-503).

1842 – A council of the Twelve Apostles was held at the home of Brother Savary’s to teach the elders.  Brigham Young stated, “The first principle of our cause and work is to understand that there is a prophet in the church, and that he is at the head of the Church of Jesus Christ on the earth [Joseph Smith]. . . . and we have learned to go and do as the prophet tells us’ (History of the Church, 5:521-522).

1847 – The sick detachments of the Mormon Battalion and the Mississippi Saints, who had wintered at Pueblo, Colorado, arrive in the Salt Lake Valley.  This brought the population of the valley to a little over four hundred.

1887 – The funeral for President John Taylor is held in Salt Lake City, Utah.

1915Elder James E. Talmage addresses the Congress of Religious Philosophies in San Francisco, California.  He later publishes his talk and entitled it “Philosophical Basis of Mormonism.’

1996 – Church members in San Francisco, California, gather to commemorate the sesquicentennial of the arrival of the Saints on the ship Brooklyn, which docked in San Francisco Bay on July 31, 1846.

2001 – The first branch of the Church is created in Kazakhstan at Almaty.

2006 – S. Kim Hodges, a member of the Church from Provo, Utah, was installed as President of the National Exchange Club during the organization’s 2006 national convention in Orlando, Florida.

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