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June 3

1831 – At the fourth conference of the Church, convened in Kirtland, Ohio, the office of high priest is instituted and nineteen men are ordained to this office.

1833 – The Prophet Joseph Smith convened a conference of High Priests in Kirtland, Ohio, to discuss Church matters and determine the size of the “house of worship’ to be built in Kirtland.  The Prophet Joseph stated he had received a revelation from the Lord that it should be 55 feet wide and 66 feet long in the inner court.  (History of the Church, 1:352)

1834 – The Prophet Joseph prophecies that a scourge would come upon the men of Zion’s Camp because of their “fractious and unruly spirits’ and for “giving way to their unruly temper.’  The Camp is now near the western border of Illinois.

1843 – The Prophet Joseph, with his family and a “large company of brethren and sisters,’ took a “pleasure voyage on the steamboat Maid of Iowa, had a fine band of music in attendance’ and arrived in Quincy, Illinois in the early afternoon.  After some business, they boarded the steamboat to return to Nauvoo.  However, a storm came up and they were forced to stop at Keokuk, Iowa, for the night. (History of the Church, 5:418)  1846 – Jesse Little, a representative of the Church, meets with U.S. President James K. Polk in Washington D.C., to discuss plans for establishing the Mormon Battalion.

1847 – The Pioneer wagon train began to ferry their wagons across the North Platte River, a wagon every 15 minutes.  Blacksmiths set up a forge in the ruins of old Fort Platte to make needed repairs.  Storms slowed the process of ferrying across the river, but by the next morning, all the wagons had crossed over.

1887 – President John Taylor sent Charles Ora Card and a group of eight families to settle in Southern Alberta, Canada.  On this date, the group arrives and encamps on Lee’s Creek, marking the beginning of the Latter-day Saint settlement in western Canada.

1890 – The First Presidency set apart John B. Fairbanks, John Hafen, and Lorus Pratt as “art missionaries’ to study in Paris, France.  Later, Edwin Evans and Herman H. Haag joined them. They would later return and paint the interior murals for the Salt Lake Temple.

1973 – The first stake in El Salvador is created.

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