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June 4

1829 – After moving from Harmony, Pennsylvania, to Fayette, New York, the Prophet Joseph resumes the translation of the Book of Mormon, which would be finished by the end of June.

1831 – The Prophet Joseph Smith, during a four-day Church conference held at a schoolhouse on the hill above the Isaac Morley farmhouse in Kirtland, Ohio, sees the Father and the Son and declares, “I now see God, and Jesus Christ at his right hand, let them kill me, I should not feel death as I am now’ (The Life of Levi Ward Hancock, p. 33).

1833 – The Prophet Joseph Smith receives Doctrine and Covenants 96 concerning the disposal of certain lands, known as the French farm, possessed by the Church near Kirtland, Ohio. (History of the Church, 1:352-353)

1834Zion’s Camp arrived on the banks of the Mississippi River and began a two day process of crossing over into Missouri near the city of Louisiana.  Many threats had been received about not allowing them to cross over into Missouri, but they crossed the mile and a half wide river without incident.

1837 – The Prophet Joseph Smith calls Elder Heber C. Kimball to go on a mission to England, the first missionary call to an overseas mission in the Church.

1841 – The Prophet Joseph Smith visited Illinois Governor Carlin, at his residence in Quincy, Illinois.  “I was treated with the greatest kindness and respect; nothing was said about any requisition having come from the Governor of Missouri for my arrest’ (History of the Church, 4:364).  However, a few hours after leaving Quincy, the Governor sent a posse, led by Thomas King, Sheriff of Adams county, along with Thomas Jasper, a constable of Quincy, an officer from Missouri, and others, to arrest the Prophet Joseph and deliver him to the authorities in Missouri.

1847 – William Clayton put up a sign on the northeast side of the North Platte River stating they had traveled 543 ½ miles from Winter Quarters.  They finished crossing the river and began traveling again.  The wagon train came to a steep hill where they had to lock the wagon wheels and attach ropes to the back of the wagons where men could hold back on the wagons in order to descend without accident.

1944 – Elder Joseph Fielding Smith begins a new radio program, The Restoration of All Things, on Sunday evenings.

1967 – A new Church visitors’ center opens at the Joseph Smith birthplace in South Royalton, Vermont.

1980 – Brigham Young University-Hawaii and the Polynesian Cultural Center hosts People’s Republic of China Vice-Premier Geng Biao, which begins a lasting relationship between BYU-Hawaii and the PCC with mainland China.

2000 – The Montreal Quebec Temple was dedicated by President Gordon B. Hinckley.  Also, the San Jose Costa Rica Temple was dedicated by President James E. Faust of the First Presidency.

2006 – The Budapest Hungary Stake, the first stake in Hungary was created.

2017 – After the interior of the 72-year-old Idaho Falls Idaho Temple underwent extensive renovation, it was rededicated by President Henry B. Eyring, first counselor in the First Presidency.

2019 – President Russell M. Nelson and the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints met Tuesday with a delegation headed by Vietnam’s Committee for Religious Affairs (CRA).

2021 – The Church announces it is engaging in a long-term project to preserve the historic and sacred nature of the Hill Cumorah. The first component will require the removal of 21 buildings and some 400,000 square feet of asphalt and gravel roads, parking areas and pageant walkways (the visitors’ center and angel Moroni monument will remain). The area will then be reforested with thousands of native tree seeds, which will one day be a mature forest that more closely resembles what Joseph Smith would have seen in the early 1800s.

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