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June 6

1832 – While traveling from Independence to Kirtland, Joseph Smith wrote a letter to his wife Emma from Greenville, Indiana, where he was staying while taking care of Newel K.Whitney who had broken his ankle and leg in an accident with a stagecoach while at Mr Porter’s public house. The letter is one of the few surviving pieces of correspondence written entirely in Joseph’s own handwriting. Joseph Smith expressed his melancholy and concern for Emma and his daughter, Julia, and offered condolences for his brother Hyrum and sister-in-law Jerusha, who had just lost their three-year-old daughter.

1833 – The Prophet Joseph Smith, during a conference of High Priests, appoints Hyrum Smith, Reynolds Cahoon, and Jared Carter, as the Church building committee to oversee the construction of the Kirtland Ohio Temple, and the conference votes to proceed “immediately to commence building the house; or to obtaining materials, stone, brick, lumber, etc., for the same’ (History of the Church, 1:353-354).

1834 – After crossing the Mississippi River into Missouri and enjoying a break from traveling, Zion’s Camp resumed its journey towards Jackson County, Missouri. It is reported that a group of men who had been following them “passed us several times during the day, and were in search of us this evening.  The guard heard them say, ‘They have turned aside, damn’em, we can’t find ‘em’’ (History of the Church, 2:87).

1840 – The ship Britannia leaves Liverpool, England, for New York carrying forty-one Latter-day Saints, “being the first Saints that have sailed from England for Zion’ (History of the Church, 4:134).

1841 – When word reached Nauvoo that the Prophet Joseph had been arrested in Quincy, several of the brethren headed by skiff down the river to Quincy to rescue him if necessary.  However, with the writ of habeas corpus, the Prophet returned to Nauvoo by land.  Sheriff King, the Prophet’s escort, became very ill and the Prophet nursed him in his own home. (History of the Church, 4:365).

1848 – Latter-day Saint pioneer James Brown purchases Fort Buenaventura from trader Miles Goodyear for $3,000.  It eventually becomes the city of Ogden, Utah.

1874 – Little Soldier and his tribe of Native Americans from the Ogden, Utah, area are baptized as members of the Church.

1897 – A branch of the Church is organized in Independence, Missouri.  This is the first organized group of Saints in Jackson County since the Saints were forcefully expelled by a mob in 1833.

1979 – The Vision of the Celestial Kingdom, given to the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr., and the Vision of the Redemption of the Dead, given to President Joseph F. Smith, are transferred from the Pearl of Great Price to the Doctrine and Covenants, becoming Sections 137 and 138.

1999 – First meetinghouse in Mongolia is dedicated in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar.

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