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March 14

1830 – The Prophet Joseph Smith prepared a preface to the Book of Mormon.

1836 – Professor Seixas returned to Kirtland, Ohio, with his family to continue teaching in Kirtland.

1838 – The Prophet Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, and their families, arrive in Far West, Missouri. Many of the Saints in Far West came out to greet them and welcomed them to the city.  A far cry from their recent experience in Kirtland.  The Prophet and Sidney Rigdon had fled Kirtland, Ohio on January 12th to escape the violence of apostates who threatened their lives.  Those Saints who remained faithful to the Prophet and the Church soon began to leave Kirtland for Missouri.  However, the peace of Missouri was short lived.  By winter the persecutions would force the Saints to leave Missouri and flee to Illinois.

1843 – When asked by Jedediah M. Grant why he became pale and weak the night before while blessing the children, the Prophet replies, “I saw Lucifer would exert his influence to destroy the children that I was blessing, and I strove with all the faith and spirit that I had to seal upon them a blessing that would secure their lives upon the earth; and so much virtue went out of me into the children, that I became weak, from which I have not yet recovered’ (History of the Church, 5:303).

1982 – The first stake in Spain is organized in Madrid.

1992 – The women of the Relief Society celebrate the sesquicentennial of the founding of the Relief Society through an international satellite broadcast. Also, the first branch of the Church in Bangladesh was organized at Dhaka.

2010 – Returned missionary, Rachel Willis-Sorensen, secured a stunning victory as one of five equal winners at the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions in New York City.

2020 – President Nelson Shares Message of Hope during COVID-19 Outbreak through video and email.

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