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March 18

1833 – The Prophet Joseph Smith ordains the members of the First Presidency, namely Sidney Rigdon and Frederick G. Williams as counselors. The occasion was marked by many seeing “a heavenly vision of the Savior, and concourses of angels, and many other things.’ (History of the Church, 1:335).

1836 – The Prophet Joseph attended Hebrew school in the morning and then attended the funeral of Susan Johnson, the daughter of Ezekiel Johnson. Sidney Rigdon gave the funeral address. (History of the Church, 2:407-408).

1843 – The Prophet Joseph spent the morning in his office working. He records, “About noon, I lay down on the writing table, with my head on a pile of law books, saying, ‘Write and tell the world I acknowledge myself a very great lawyer; I am going to study law, and this is the way I study it;’ and then fell asleep.’ Later he “played ball with the boys’ (History of the Church, 5:306).

1962 – The first stake in Western Samoa is organized in Apia.

1982 – Three Church executive committees are created—the Missionary Executive Council, the Priesthood Executive Council, and the Temple and Genealogy Executive Council (later known as the Temple and Family History Executive Council).

1999President Gordon B. Hinckley, accompanied by President Thomas S. Monson and Elder Jeffery R. Holland, visit King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia at the royal palace in Madrid, Spain.

2001 – The Montevideo Uruguay Temple is dedicated by President Gordon B. Hinckley.

2003 – Elder Merrill J. Bateman is released as President of Brigham Young University. Elder Cecil O. Samuelson, Jr. is called as the new President of the University.

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