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1840 – The Prophet Joseph returns to Nauvoo, Illinois, after spending four months primarily in Washington D.C. unsuccessfully petitioning the nation’s leaders to redress the losses the Saints had suffered in Missouri.  He also visited with members and taught the gospel in several areas in the surrounding area, such as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  On his way back to Nauvoo, “I did not fail to proclaim the iniquity and insolence of Martin Van Buren, toward myself and an injured people . . . may he never be elected again to any office of trust or power, by which he may abuse the innocent and let the guilty go free’ (History of the Church, 4:89).  This statement proved to be prophetic.

1842 – In preparation for the printing of the Book of Abraham in the Times and Seasons, the Prophet Joseph had Reuben Hedlock come to his office to view the original and “gave instruction concerning the arrangement of the writing on the large cut (Facsimile 2)’ (History of the Church, 4:543).

Site of Ramus Church just to the right of the current building

1843 – The Prophet Joseph records that Orrin Porter Rockwell had been arrested in St. Louis, Missouri, for the attempted murder of ex-Governor Boggs.  He meets in council with Benjamin F. Johnson and others from Ramus, about building a meetinghouse there on Church property.  He uses the metaphor of a wagon wheel to describe the building of LDS communities in the area.  The hub is Nauvoo, with spokes to Ramus, LaHarpe, Shokoquon, and Lima being the one side of the wheel, the other side being in Iowa.

1844 – Feeling an urgency to finish the temple, the Prophet Joseph recommends that work on the Nauvoo House be suspended until the temple is finished, “as we need the temple more than anything else’ (History of the Church, 6:230).  He also suggested “James Arlington Bennett, of Long Island, as a candidate for Vice-President’ and running mate in the upcoming Presidential elections.

1895 – Apostle John Henry Smith is elected by the Utah Constitutional Convention to preside over the delegates as they write a constitution for the new State of Utah.

1902 – Elder Francis M. Lyman stands on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem and rededicates the Holy Land for the gathering of the Jews.

1925 – The Church Missionary Home and Preparatory Training School opens in Salt Lake City, Utah, for the training of new missionaries.

1979 – A baptismal service was held near Ikot Eyo, Nigeria, where 67 persons were baptized by Elder Edwin Q. Cannon, Jr.

1994 – The Church receives legal recognition from the government of Cambodia. Missionary couples serving there would not proselyte, but perform Christian service work.

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